A Patriot You Should Know: Meet “Legal Latino Heat” From New York

Trump Tower New York. Home of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump – And home turf of New York City street patriot, the Legal Latino Heat, Robert Herrera

I first saw Robert Herrera in a FB live video from in front of Trump Tower NY. Decked out in a shirt, tie and MAGA hat, Robert was walking thru a crowd of patriots who were gathered to support candidate Trump. Across the street you could hear the angry chants of the anti-Trump protestors, but Robert’s camera was much more interested in the smiling faces of fellow Trump supporters. He joked, laughed and cheered with everyone he met as he moved thru the crowd, sharing with us viewers the excitement and enthusiasm that filled the pro-Trump peoples. I remember being impressed at Robert’s sense of humor, the way he was focused on the positive support, and his good nature at the literal angry mob shouting at him from across the street. I knew then that he was a patriot I should know, and Robert Herrera is a patriot you should know too.

The streets of New York are a tough place to be a Trump supporter, but then again, they are a tough place to grow up. It doesn’t get any easier if you are an immigrant. Born in Ecuador in 1985, Robert Herrera came to the US legally as a five year old boy. He and his 1 year old brother came to live with their grandmother in Bronx, NY, where in addition to going to school like every other child, Robert spent the next 10 years waiting and working on becoming a US citizen. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, Robert had to study Americanism, and it grew in him a great love of the USA. At 16, he earned his citizenship and felt that tremendous joy and relief at finally being embraced by the place you call home.

Like a lot of young people in the early 2000s, Robert wasn’t a fan of George Bush, and like many other young folks, his distaste with the Bush administration led him to align as a Democrat. By 2008, the message of hope and change that Obama promised became like a siren song to the younger crowd. Less war, less corruption, transparency and compassion all sounded great coming out of Obama’s mouth.

Robert Herrera rallying with fellow patriot, Harim Uziel.

What happened of course was bailouts, back door deals and even worse, Obamacare. Robert worked as a health insurance agent before and during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. He had already seen the fraud and abuse that was rampant in the system. Time and again, Robert watched as needy veterans were turned away for coverage and sent to the failing VA while illegal aliens were given the red carpet treatment. Illegals were encouraged to falsify income, add non existing dependents, and misrepresent their marital status in order to qualify for greater benefits from the government. The insurance business was booming with government entitlement money, and plenty of that money was trickling down to the insurance agents like Robert.

Obamacare changed all that nearly overnight. With the creation of the exchanges, and the costly coverage rules, smaller insurance companies were quickly eaten up by the bigger companies. Seeing the writing on the wall, Robert predicted to his insurance co-workers that they were all going to lose their jobs because of Obamacare, and though they all doubted him at the time, he was entirely correct. As the biggest insurance companies bought up and consolidated the smaller ones, workers in insurance were laid off in droves. Unfortunately, Robert’s prediction had come true. After 10 years of working in the insurance industry, Robert found himself forced to start over in a new field of work.

Robert has traveled across the country meeting patriots like Marco Gutierrez.

During this time, Robert started speaking out about politics online. He made a blog speaking out on the evils of Obamacare called NoBama2012 that became quite popular. He got involved in promoting the Mitt Romney campaign, only to have his political hopes dashed with Romney’s epic failure. Sitting at a bar as the 2012 results came in, Robert recalls how no one at all seemed to care about the election. Politics is a fickle mistress, and by this point, Robert was ready to leave politics alone. The “breakup” didn’t last long however, and Robert soon was back online passionately discussing the problems with the Obama administration.

By the time Trump announced his candidacy, Robert had shed all of his youthful trust in the Democrat party and had learned a powerful lesson about establishment Republicans as well. Trump was outside of all of that. As a young man, Donald Trump was an inspiration to Robert. Watching Trump on TV, listening to rappers brag about Trump’s success, even a summer program field trip to Trump Tower, Robert had grown up wanting to be like Trump. Now this successful icon was running for president. Robert bought himself a Trump shirt, but like many urban Trumpers, he had to keep his growing support for Trump hidden from his job.

He signed up to work at the Trump campaign call center. At orientation, he found himself to be more outspoken than the others, and his passion for supporting Trump was growing. It was getting harder to keep his politics hidden from his boss, and he found himself making up excuses in order to be able to attend campaign worker meetings. On June 1st, Robert was rushing to a campaign meeting, but he never got there. As he arrived at Trump Tower that evening, an anti-Trump protest had gathered outside. Robert stayed to counter-protest and he got the bug.

“I’d protest and rally in the day, and work at night,”

Robert explains. He found a new job just a few blocks from Trump Tower, and when he wasn’t working he was rallying Trump supporters and counter-protesting the Trump haters. Armed with a camera, Robert showed the world what great support Trump had, AND what vile opposition. He took his camera to the subway, to show the hate and support. He confronted Leftists on video, informed fellow patriots in podcast, and even shared a few recipes. His pro Trump videos gained loyal viewers across the country, and garnered the attention of Antifa. Though he was doxxed, threatened and even attacked, Robert maintained his good humor, and even got his attackers arrested for their crimes. During the week before the election, Robert and fellow NY patriots held vigil in front of Trump tower. In order to rally in the winter cold, he bought under Armour to keep himself warm on the streets. Rain, shine, wind and weather didn’t stop Robert from showing up, showing his support, and showing us all of the fun on video.

Returning to finish his college degree, Robert had a new chance to show us all the struggle with leftism that is ripping our country apart. His liberal professors were filled with Trump hate, and liberal brainwashing. Each day Robert would head off to school and share a laugh or two about the liberal insanity he had to endure to earn his credits. With his time divided between Trump advocacy and school, Robert raised funds online to cover his college tuition. As he tells me, the support he received from fellow patriots was the inspiration he needed to finish his classes. “On the days that I got discouraged and wanted to quit, I thought of all the people who believed in me, and I knew I couldn’t let them down.”

When Sherriff Clarke and Marco Gutierrez came to NY, Robert was excited to meet them. He hit it off with Marco in particular and was inspired by him to continue his patriotic work in support of our president. When Trump won the election in November, Robert like many other Trump supporters believed the hate and anger against Trump would decrease. He took a break from rallying during December 2016, but by the start of the new year it was obvious the Left was not going to stop throwing it’s tantrum any time soon. He attended the inauguration and was outraged at the violence and obstruction of the protestors and their attacks on peaceful Trump supporters. His experience made him even more committed to actually helping make America great again.

Robert fighting the communist left with our wounded warriors

This spring and summer Robert began a patriot’s tour around the US, joining in rallies and counter-protests across the country. In Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Robert met and videoed patriots on the front lines of the culture war between American values and lawless liberalism. He was also met with stalkers and threats by radicalized illegals who target Robert and other Latino Trump supporters. He nicknamed himself Legal Latino Heat and never stopped using his voice to speak out proudly about national sovereignty, the value of LEGAL citizenship, and the evils that illegal immigration do to our country. What always amazes me about Robert is no matter how hard you attack him, he always stands back up and with a joke he lets you know you haven’t stopped him one bit.

Though he has had aspirations to run for office, his experience with the establishment GOP left a bad taste in his mouth. Like his childhood dream of becoming a police officer, Robert has found he can be more successful and have a larger impact in other ways. His videos have 100s of thousands of views, and he has inspired patriots across the country. He shows us the urban reality of our civil war with the Left. As he says, “They take the fight to us, we take it to them. The armchair QBs across the country don’t know what we are facing here in the streets.” He expresses concern about the violence and reiterates his position against it. “I don’t want to go to jail just for defending my country, “ he jokes, and his joke reveals his guiding principle to use humor, good will and a video camera to defeat our enemies.

Robert knows we are going to have to keep up our support of the president to win in 2020. “Have fun, “ he advises.

“Be cheery, play music, celebrate. Make it a pep rally. We have to show America that we are the cool kids. It’s a different game out here, we have to be safe and get our message out. It’s all about 2020. Everybody has their way of showing support. Keep doing it!”

No one lives up to that more. Though he has had his many pages shut down by FB, though he has faced stalkers and threats, though he has been the victim of friendly fired gossip, he has never wavered in his commitment to supporting our president and our nation, and he takes to his camera each day to do his part to make America great again. He inspired your humble author, he’s inspired countless patriots across the country, and he is most definitely a Patriot You Should Know.

You can check out Robert’s videos and rallies on his YouTube Channel, “Legal Latino Heat”.  If you like his work, and want to support it you can find out how to donate HERE.

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Robert Herrera doing what he does best, trolling Liberal snowflakes.