Meet Lauren Witzke: A Delaware Native Running for Senate Against the Radical Left

Lauren Witzke is a Delaware native from Sussex County running for US Senate on an America First platform against the radical leftist Democrat Chris Coons, who relentlessly pushes anti-American policies and advocates for immigration. Lauren is pro Trump, pro life and pro America First! This article will help you familiarize yourself with Lauren and the important platform she is running on.


Lauren Witzke supports a full 10-year moratorium on all immigration; only allowing migrants in to replace migration out of the country; netting at zero. Exceptions will be made for legitimate marriage and fiancé visas. In addition, our immigration laws will be strictly enforced, and our border secured. End DACA and deport the recipients. Lauren believes that our ancestors did not merely migrate to America, rather they founded America.

Restoration of Family

Lauren will re-divert welfare programs, into an incentive program for marriage and children. Married couples with 3 or more children will receive financial stipends. Those who divorce will lose all benefits. These benefits will far surpass any potential child support received after. Single parents who marry will be grand fathered into the program for a period of 10 years, after which the benefit will only be applied for those who marry and have children together. End no fault divorce nationally.

Opioid Crisis

Lauren will propose bills that provide federal funding for accredited long-term faith-based solutions, including Teen Challenge. Victims will be helped out of their addiction and provided job training and placement. High level organizers of drug rings will be punished to the full extent of the law, with a zero-tolerance policy. This will work in tandem with immigration enforcement.


Lauren Witzke is un-apologetically pro-life. She believes that life begins at conception, and that fact doesn’t ever change no matter what the circumstance. She will pursue a constitutional amendment to protect the unborn. Once our nation stops killing 1 million unborn babies a year, we’ll no longer need to bring in 1 million legal immigrants a year. At the same time, Lauren approaches unplanned pregnancies, especially in cases of rape and incest with compassion and will fund faith-based Crisis Pregnancy centers and adoption programs. She will also end the stigma associated with adoption. Abortion should be stigmatized, not adoption.

Foreign Policy

Lauren will put America First. Our military will be strengthened but used strictly for the defense of our nation at home. She will not support meddling in the affairs of foreign nations, and rejects regime change abroad. Foreign aid will be ended except in the events of natural disasters, and funds will be re-diverted towards Family Restoration efforts and American infrastructure.

2nd Amendment

It is the right of every citizen to carry arms with the best available technology for the defense of life and property. This right shall not be infringed, no one of sound mental health, and non-violent offenses shall be denied the right to carry. These provisions will not be weaponized for political means. No red flag laws.

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