Media who Accused Donald Trump of Cognitive Decline Ignores Joe Biden’s Warning Signs Despite Two Separate Brain Surgeries

Despite his numerous blundering gaffes, the media continues to ignore the clearly declining mental capacity of Joe Biden as the conspiracy to paint his presidency as legitimate and normal rages on.

Remember all the way back in February of this year (one month ago) when all of the mainstream media outlets continued their baseless claims of Donald Trumps declining mental health?

Now, as Joe Biden struggles to climb a staircase, that same media remains silent.

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden suffer from two separate brain aneurisms and have to undergo two separate brain surgeries?

In 1988 Joe Biden underwent a six hour medical procedure at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after crippling pain in his neck due to an aneurysm left fluid leaking in his brain. That same year, Biden had undergone a second medical operation to repair another aneurysm on the opposite side of his brain after it was found to be at risk of bursting.

Fast-forward 30 years, and Joe Biden’s mental health has clearly declined. He struggles to complete sentences, pronounce simple words or even read from a teleprompter. Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes have left the world astonished, as the presidential hopeful can’t seem to hold it together.

In a recent clip posted to twitter, Joe Biden is unable to pronounce the word “psalms”, as though he had never encountered the word before in his life, despite his claims to be a devout Catholic.

In another widely circulated Freudian slip, Biden claims to have put together the “most extensive voter fraud organization in history”.

At the ripe age of 78, and after two life-threatening brain surgeries, Joe Biden can’t seem to get the words out.

There has been little to no coverage of Joe Biden’s visibly decrepit state. If president Donald J Trump had undergone even one brain surgery, the media, Democrats and their partners in big tech would bring it up every time he made a similar gaffe.

Joe Biden is clearly losing his ability to complete minor tasks like forming coherent sentences and walking up stairs. We know this because it is on camera, right before our eyes. If Joe Biden is having trouble even speaking, will he really last 4 years in office? Or will we see the unelectable Kamala Harris become “the first female president” on a technicality? The year is 2021, after all.