Matt Walsh Calls for Death of Three Men Over Death of Suspected Burglar

Self proclaimed “theocratic fascist” and libertarian contributor to Ben Shapiro’s DailyWire, Matt Walsh, calls for three men to be put to death over a short clip posted to social media portraying the bloody end to a confrontation where a suspected burglar appears to attack an individual before being shot dead.

Matt Walsh, without any further context beyond the short clip proclaims: “This is clearcut first degree murder and the killers should all get lethal injection”

For further context, review the video below and read why the District Attorney decided to refrain from arresting the individuals involved in the altercation.

We find that many times a video clip will be posted to social media without any context to accompany it, and as a result, the twitter mob will descend upon the individual out of a fury of emotion, only to later find the evidence exonerated the subject.

If it turns out that these three men are exonerated of murder, Matt Walsh owes these men more than an apology.