The Lamestream Media and cocktail Liberals nearly had an implosion this week, their dear friends, the Clinton’s , and James Comey quietly had the Trump using Russia to subvert the Election lie turned around on them.
sanity however prevailed, and the Hannity backed story was quickly overwelmed by Mueller’s indictment of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and Richard Gates.

We all know the sordid details of the exchanges betweeen Manafort and the Ruskies years before he was tapped for President Trump’s position, I won’t bore you with more.

The story I want to share with readers is this , the story that also links the Clinton’s with Uranium One, the greed and wealth attained at the expense of our Country,s safety and Ranchers property, as well as the final outcome, murder, unlawful imprisonment, and enrichment of nukes to our worst enemies.

Most of you have read or seen the National story of the Bundy Brothers and the Occupation of the Federal Wildlife refugee near Burns Oregon, as a former Resident of Grant County in Eastern Oregon, I know the many individuals and primaries in the story, I filmed multiple YouTube videos, not simply because they occurred in my City, but because I believe in the plight of the Citizens affected, and empathize with them.

After filming the Federal Courthouse appearance of the accused occupiers of the refuge, as well as the press conferences of their lawyer, and their Congressmen who came up from Nevada to support and protect them, I lucked upon a remarkable man , exposing the evidence that explained the reality of why the Feds, Clinton’s, Governor Brown, former Gov’s Blumenour , Kitzhaber, current Senator Wyden and countless other employees of WE THE PEOPLE , conspired to enrich themselves ,steal from us, and conspire to murder an innocent Rancher.

If I wanted to write here, the details from beginning to end, I could create a monstrosity of facts that many of you would read, but others might not, I would prefer instead to let Lazaro Ecenarro, the couragous Man who has spent countless hours and dollars researching these documents to present them to you in this video.

I wholeheartedly believe Laz,s ( our affectionate nick-name for him ) facts and conclusions, I have spent countless hours with him, as have the Families of the victims , the story of The Bundy,s is why I beleive the Uranium One story, the facts of which are completely subverted and denied by the Fake News slingers, is the BIG STORY!

Thank God we elected President Trump, I think its only a matter of time before the facts are embraced and the criminals prosecuted, please watch this video, I have many more presentations of the evidence by Laz on my YouTube channel, These documents back up the daily stories linking the wealthy -above the law Officials ,stealing from You and Me, it should terrify You , It is what LaVoy died to expose.