Man Wearing Trump Hat Filmed Cleaning Up the Mess The Women’s Marchers Left Behind

Remnants Of A Pointless Demonstration

The modern leftists definitely talk a big game about being against war and military conflict, however we already know this has been debunked recently as they all voted for the most hawkish, war mongering candidate  in Hillary Clinton. Just because she was a woman.

Garbage Left Behind At One Of The Women’s Marches

More surprisingly, it is now also becoming more and more apparent that they don’t really care about environment either.  Was this all ‘talk’ as well?  It seem so.

After the Women’s marches across the country, in several cities, ALL of them had left over garbage and signs just thrown out on the ground all throughout the marching routes.  Aside from the fact that neither of these Women could answer when asked, why they were even marching, they also obviously are literal hypocrites in what most all of them verbally express they believe in.

Do modern liberals even legitimately believe in anything, or do anything about what they claim to care about?  Or are the lot of them just addicted to whining and complaining about whatever social issue pops up in their twitter feed with the popular hashtag?

Leave it up to Trump supporters though, to clean up their mess.  This young Trump supporter was filmed picking up garbage the ‘fem bots’ left all over the place.  God job kid!

The Aftermath

Here are some examples of the destruction of hundreds of cities across the country.  Note the garbage cans overflowing with empty Starbucks cups, after their masked partners in crime, just got done physically destroying an actual Starbucks location, the day before.

womens-march-to-use Image-uploaded-from-iOS-22


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