Man With Uncanny Resemblance To Vegas Shooter Spotted At Atlantic City Casino

Atlantic City Casino

An avid gambler at an Atlantic City Casino spotted a man at his table that has a very uncanny resemblance to Stephen Paddock.  The unknown man took the time to video tape and shoot pictures of a man that conspiracy theorists are saying that could be a very alive and well Paddock.  Even though this man has a shocking resemblance to the maniac who carried out the attack on Vegas, this one may be a stretch.

Here is the tweet…

The man who took the photos also thought to take a short video of Paddock’s doppelgänger with a piece of literature that had today’s date on it so people would not think it was a video or picture from before the Vegas incident.

There have been many theories floating around regarding several things about the incident.  These include multiple shooters, other floors, shooters in the crowd and yes, of course Stephen Paddock is alive.

But at any rate, you have to admit the resemblance and the fact that it is at a casino are pretty unlikely coincidences.

Here is the video he took…

Looks like the man that was taking these shots was also following around the alleged ‘living dead’ all night snapping photos.  Here he is at dinner appearing to talk with people at he ate.

I think the weirdest part is the man is wearing a very similar shirt that Paddock seemed to favor use of.