Man Threatening To “Snipe” Trump May Be Charged With Felony

Social Buzz has compiled a list of all of the “intelligent” people that have decided to actually put on video themselves threatening to “kill” Donald Trump since his election win in November.  Most of the people on this list have been listed as arrested, however a few of them still have no reports through any media source regarding charges or their arrest.

Most surprisingly the man who promised to “snipe Trump from a mile away,” has also not been arrested as of yet. Yeah good luck sniping anything with that thing!

                                                                Click here to watch the video:

snipe trump

Some of these offenders haven’t been arrested as of yet due to the fact that most of the uncharged, including the man above, made their threats on video after the election win by Trump, but before the inauguration.  So we know former President Obama wasn’t going to do anything about it. He was too busy sending $220 million dollars to the Palestinian government as his term came to an end on January 20th.

What these vapid brainwashed citizens don’t understand, is that they are actually committing a class E felony under United States code, section 18.  Madonna, recently stated that she “thought about blowing up the white house.”  Now while comments like this are considered “fantasizing” and not credible threats, this statement, especially coming from a celebrity, is inciting violence, and could encourage some angry radicalized feminist to actually attempt an attack.  Thus, this should also be deemed illegal in the opinions of many who have publicly commented on the remarks.