Man Mobbed by BLM Has Been ARRESTED for Defending His Home After His Address Was Doxxed by Activist

Black Lives Matter Activists in Milwaukee doxxed a man’s address on Monday, alleging that he was racist, and encouraged as many people as possible to show up. Members of the mob claimed on social media that their actions were justified because he is “racist” and has a confederate flag. Only a Trump flag, as well as an American flag were visible on the home, as dozens of people arrived onto his property and began harassing the homeowner.

Police were eventually called when the man was seen holding a gun while within his own home, the homeowner was subsequently arrested.

Who Doxxed His Address?

From the Gateway Pundit:

On a Facebook page called “Justice Tour 2020,” Vaun L Mayes, a man who describes himself as “Milwaukee’s Malcolm X,” has been posting personal information on Trump supporters. The page is littered with people’s phone numbers, addresses, and calls for crowds to show up at their homes for “protest parties.”

Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales was also targeted by the group, who repeatedly held “protest parties” outside his home.

“The protesters say they’re “bringing the fight against racism to front doors.” But Ald. Nikiya Dodd — who represents the 5th District, where Morales lives — says the protests are a nuisance and a threat to public safety that must be addressed immediately,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in July.

Mayes uses the “protest party” terrorism and the doxing on his page to solicit money through PayPal.

According to the DA’s office, Mayes was recently arrested for burglary as party to a crime and criminal trespass to dwelling.

Police say Mayes’ arrest stems from the unrest near 40th and Lloyd last week when a home was set on fire. Ten police officers were hurt.

Protest organizer Frank Nitty says Mayes did not incite the violence.

Mayes is also facing federal charges in a separate case. He’s accused of plotting to firebomb a Milwaukee police station after the Sherman Park unrest in 2016.