The Man Leading “Cal-Exit” Lives In RUSSIA!

The Russian “Hack”

The founder and President of “Yes California,” a campaign with the goal of helping California secede from the United States is getting backlash after mainstream media sources have revealed yesterday that he resides in Russia.

Louis J Marinelli, 30, currently resides in Yekaterinburg, a small Russian town, located almost 1,000 miles form Moscow. From his “home base” in Russia, Marinelli is leading the charge to get California to secede, which includes ‘rallying stateside troops,’ while across international waters.

The New York Time reports that Marinelli is under the most scrutiny from the public mostly because it has been leaked that he accepted a Kremlin-funded offer to teach English in Russia.  Marinelli’s reasoning for accepting this offer he says, is because his wife is Russian and it was an easy transition.

From The New York Times: 

“Now with renewed attention on the movement, Mr. Marinelli is under scrutiny for living in a country that many in the United States see as an adversarial power,” the New York Times reports, about Marinelli living in Russia.

“Back in California, he is on the defensive for accepting travel expenses and office space from a Kremlin-linked nationalist group,” the New York Times continues. “That acceptance has raised the prospect that Russia, after meddling in the election to try to tip the vote to Mr. Trump, as United States intelligence agencies have said, is now gleefully stoking divisions in America by backing a radical liberal movement.”

“Mr. Marinelli, who said he supported only nonviolent means of opposition, described his presence in Russia as coincidental, and he denied any links to Russian officials,” the New York Times report continues. “Before the American presidential election, Mr. Marinelli said he saw no harm in taking a year off to teach English in Russia; his movement had been only creeping along anyway, financed with his credit card and run from his home in San Diego.”