Man Commits Suicide After Far Left Activist Exposes His Personal Info

When ‘Doxxing’ Leads To Death

We live in a society today where regardless of the first amendment, people still are not allowed to openly express their unpopular opinions in America. We saw this with David Cole, who had to go into hiding in the late 90’s after filming a very controversial documentary about Auschwitz, Historian David Irving who was imprisoned for his books, Fred Leuchter for publishing Auschwitz laboratory results, and countless others who have expressed opinions that are frowned upon.  This time however, the censuring and hecklers have lead to death.

As the video above shows, a twitter account called “Yes, You’re Racist,” run by radical far left activist Logan James Smith, was reportedly involved in a campaign that led to exposing Andrew Dodson’s workplace, home address and other personal information.  This ‘doxxing’ eventually led to Dodson’s suicide after relentless attacks, and inevitable unemployment and unemployability.

Smith has also admittedly been behind the ‘doxxing’ of others, some of whom were attendees of the ‘Unite the Right’ Rally, but many who were not. Smith has publicly posted where people work, live and other personal information.

Smith’s account activity has also resulted in misidentifications of several people including a professor who was never involved in any political activism at all.  Some say that because of this careless misidentification, the innocent professor has suffered ‘serious lasting consequences.’  Several members of the GOP chapter at the college where Dodson attended were also attacked and are still being targeted to this day.

While the media is mostly is praising him, MSNBC had Smith on as a guest in August of 2017 to talk about his controversial twitter account. The MSNBC hosts grilled him on how dangerous this could be and asked about some of the many errors his campaign has led to.

The Charlottesville events of last year, of course, are surrounded by a stigma that not many are quick to defend. But when President Trump said that there was violence on both sides, he was right and this is undeniable from viewing the footage.

Take for instance the case of Deandre Harris.  The original story was that Harris was an innocent man attacked by a ‘mob of racists’ at the Charlottesville rally.  Because of this coverage, Harris raised over $150,000 dollars via a GoFundMe campaign before being arrested later after a video surfaced showing Harris attacking the attendees first with a metal flashlight. Eventually, the charges against Harris were dropped however the ones who retaliated were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Aside from all of this madness though, one truth remains.  In America, regardless of if you’re the Marxist kid at Berkeley calling for a communist overthrow of the US government on a megaphone, or the Identitarian white nationalist marching down the street with a tiki torch, you should have the right to speak. And in this great country of ours, you should have the right to do so without the fear of someone violently punching you or publicly posting your name, address and where you work.

Oh and also without getting mass attacked to the point of de-platforming on social media either…