Major Documentary Showing ‘All the Lies of The Media’ to Drop Before Midterms

Major Damaging Documentary to Drop Before Midterms

A popular photojournalist who has been traveling across America filming protests since Trump decided to run for President, is about to drop a major multi-part documentary debunking the media on absolutely everything he says, starting from Trump’s historical trip down the escalator until today.

The documentary, called ‘Racenomics: The Art of Division,’ is set to have all parts completed prior to election day in the November 2018 midterms. Popular photographer who goes by the name ‘ShutterShot45,’ released the trailer for the documentary yesterday and hopes that his on-the-ground research and everything that he has witnessed from the media will ‘come to the surface for all of America to see.’

Here is the trailer:

According to ShutterShot45, the documentary will cover everything starting from the day that President Trump announced his run for President, the mainstream media’s reporting about select rallies, how the media reported on major stories about Trump, left vs right street battles, and everything in between until today in 2018.

He says he “hopes that this will show America why President Trump has said so many times that the press is the enemy of the people.”