Looters, America’s Finest Capitalists

Now It’s Racist To Arrest Looters?


Yesterday communist Sara Jaffe criticized the Miami Police for incarcerating looters. Even the stupid Miami New Times has the audacity to demand censorship on the ‘problem’ of ‘looting.’

This is capitalism. As every scumbag on earth will tell you, “yeah but it’s legal” when they do something heinous. In fact, in the world of Innocent until proven guilty, you are only a criminal when you are caught, and found guilty by a jury of your peers.  Since a legal fight to prove innocence depends largely on money and the ability to afford a quality lawyer, the justice system is clearly rigged to cost so much money that the only way to be found innocent without being totally broke is to be granted Presidential Clemency.

Now, a lot of people here see only racism:

Here’s what I see:

These people may be, according to your skewed leftist liberal logic, breaking the law, but they are really just taking advantage of a market condition: total anarchy, to extrapolate the rule of capture beyond previously imagined limits.

Now there are two ways to view this looting problem, from the far left or the far right.

From the Far Right, these are criminals who have broken the law and deserve punishment, when they get caught by the police, the store owner or the law abiding gun owning public. They are from a system of failure that has rewarded poor parenting and encouraged absent fathers.

From the Left: White people caused this.

From a Christian Perspective: this is the fault of governments attempting to replace Jesus as the moral authority, and now that a weather event has caused government to be gone, there is no reason to be good.

From a Communist Perspective: The means of production are controlled by an elite group of Nazi Cisprivilidge Capitalists who have finally recieved their comeuppance as their McMansions flood under the wrath of changing global temperatures and it is their own fault.

From an environmental perspective, there is nothing these people are doing that oil and gas companies do not do on a daily basis. For them, These are just decent minded businessmen fracking the door of a shoe store and recovering resources put together in Bangladesh for the resale to other human beings just to make more money. The broken glass and social chaos they cause is just environmental damage that brings everyone down.

Right now the Climate Change proponents have narrowed down 90 companies, including 7 investor owned and 7 state owned, that are ‘responsible’ for Climate Change. The report which was published on the internet using components of plastic that are made from fossil fuels, again places the blame on the company selling the product, and not any other single factor. Good times.

What I’m saying is that maybe we should change the title of “finance major’ to Looting, and I privately wonder how well a really effective and organized drug dealer could do in an interview at a Finance Organization when they saw how meticulously his books are put together and the people skills he has developed.