London Mayor Calls For ‘Stop and Frisk’ and Metal Detectors in Every School To Curb Knife Murders

Sadiq Khan To Institute Stop and Frisk and Provide Metal Detectors For Every School To Stop Knife Murders

In a tweet on Sunday by Sadiq Khan, the London mayor said that there should be no reason anyone needs to carry a knife and that those who do will face severe legal consequences.  In the tweet Khan included an article outlining the plans London has to curb the soaring knife murders that have been occurring in London. Two of the main items on Khan’s plan are as follows.

  • Knife wands are now available for every school in London to help keep young people safe, with 150 schools so far taking up the offer
  • The Met Police have introduced targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected by knife crime

The areas affected mostly by knife crime in London are areas with a heavy density of black British population, much like most of America’s gun crime which occurs in urban areas with the same type of demographics.

New measures will also see schools given metal detecting “wands” and a new community sentence for those convicted of knife possession.

Khan has also pledged an extra £625,000 to fund knife and gang crime projects in the city after the number of offences in London involving knives skyrocketed.

In June the Mayor published the Knife Crime Strategy, a package of tough and comprehensive measures to tackle knife crime, taking in views from bereaved families and victims. It was the first by a London Mayor. He hosted an Education Knife Crime Summit in 2016, bringing together Ofsted, educators, the Met and families to work on anti-knife crime education in schools. Every London borough now has its own knife crime action plan to tackle violence locally, created in partnership with the Met