Here is What Liberals are Thinking Followed By a Video Of Antifa Getting Wrecked

So today instead of real news, I figured I’d patrol my social media and see what my lefty friends are talking about. So to start with, there’s this one.

The blog post he linked contains this line, “white hetero-cisgendered patriarchy.”

I watched the 45 seconds into the video listed, located here, and stopped when the lady you see above was asked why people are scared to reveal their biases. As the former head of Papa Johns has now learned, because you can lose everything for having the wrong opinions. Which segue’s into the next post:

Peter Strzok is an FBI fellow and I sawclip of him on Reuters the other day, he basically is in hot water because he, and pay attention to wording here, texted a woman who is both his his co-worker and extra-marital affair mistress some combative statements about then Candidate Donald Trump stating “we will stop him” and now Congress is dragging him on stage to explain this. Personally it comes down to a first Amendment issue, he should be allowed to say whatever he wants in private. Freedom of Expression.

Finally this:

Just some happy, feel good “Give Us Your Stuff” liberalism.

Only liking people who give you stuff is better than these guys, who in the video enclosed just attack a bunch of Border Patrol Officers and Get Obliterated. You can skip to about any point in the video and see people getting tackled or shot with pepper spray.