Liberals Furious Over SNL Joke Poking Fun At All The Made Up Genders

With each passing day, it seems that SJW’s and Liberals everywhere are forging a new gender.  Because, you know, gender is fluid bro.  Some even claiming there are over 75 different genders.

Well the Triggly Puff-ians masses have been triggered level 10000 as of recent, as SNL poked fun at this fact, citing “this is the reason the democrats lost the election.”

Specifically, it was line from “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost on “why Democrats lost the election”:


Jost made the joke referring to the dating app Tinder’s recent move to introduce dozens of new gender options for users to choose from — including choices like androgynous, pangender, gender variant, and neutrois.

Just like the left likes to say that “97% of scientists agree global warming is real,” well 100% of scientists have proven that outside of hermaphrodites, there are only TWO genders.

And as much as normal people know this to be true, the vapid SJW – safe space dwelling – safety pin wearing coelenterates crawled out of their parents’ basements to protest in the depths of virtual society: