Liberal SJW Has Epic Meltdown Over Confederate Flag In Store

Virtue Signal Much?

A video of a woman in a Portland supermarket went viral yesterday over a literal temper tantrum she threw when she saw her local supermarket selling confederate flag rugs.

Heather Franklin was the woman, and ‘Extreme Deal Grocery Liquidators,’ was the store.  Like most homegrown liberals, if they don’t agree with something that you possess on your private property, they demand you take it down.  And this case was no different.  Heather Franklin tells that she ‘demanded’ the store owners remove the confederate rugs from their store.  When they refused, she quite literally threw a temper tantrum, starting to scream and cry uncontrollably right in the middle of the bodega.  Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

Short history lesson for compromised snowflakes like this one – The confederate flag, AKA, the rebel flag, is called such because the south rebelled against the north due mostly to the 40% tax the north applied to the southern states.  No, the Civil War wasn’t about ‘slavery,’ no this flag doesn’t mean ‘black genocide’ or ‘racism.’  Not only did a mere 4% of the south own slaves during the Civil War, but slavery wasn’t even mentioned until the end of the war.  Let’s hear what she has to say…

The virtue-signaling snowflake noticed her first video went viral and decided to do another.  This one, almost as cringe-worthy as the last.  She explained how ‘dangerous’ this store was and told people to ‘stay far away.’  Franklin continues, “Two men came up quickly on me, and I started live streaming to get them to stop.”  The truth? She walked into their store, demanded that they take down merchandise because she was offended, and then continued to scream at them after she left the store.  Oh, they were also 100 feet away from her.  It’s both obvious and a shame that she has no idea that all these people watching her are laughing at her, not with her.