Kate Brown, first openly gay mayor, enables Portland American Legion Post biased treatment of retired Marine

Oregon promotes itself as a progressive State where all individuals may be accepted, embraced, and wrapped in its loving arms. The blue State, engineered by the left coast mentality of the populous Portland metro area, fortified by over 2 million of the states 4 million residents, dictates the agenda forced upon the entire region.

The City of Portland, last had a conservative Mayor and City Hall when Lewis and Clark flipped a coin to decide wether to name the City after their own hometown Boston or Portland Maine.

The State is ran by the Democrat Majority in Salem, they outnumber Republicans by a massive ratio thus enabling the liberal agenda an uncluttered throughway to any and all legislation.

Kate Brown, the State’s openly gay, liberal Governor first obtained the position as an appointee by the disgraced John Kitzhaber, forced out due to corruption in his term of office, Kate favors taxing the businesses to re-distribute the wealth to her pet project homeless camps, abortion on demand mills, therefore a City that ranks just behind Charlotte and ahead of Kansas City, Cincinnati , and other major Cities in population has 1 major major NASDAQ Corporate Headquarter .. Nike, unlike its neighbor 3 hrs to the north Seattle (Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.) .Her anti-business environment prompting many large employers to flee to business friendly States with their Family Wage jobs.

Among Governor Brown’s other accomplishments and foremost to this article is the embracement of Portland’s SANCTUARY CITY status and disdain for our Military, in the recent weeks the City has sought to ban the Air National Guard base next to the Portland International Airport, from flying above the City of Portland because they are deemed too loud as well as a symbol of authoritarian Military structure, these F-16’s are deployed to respond to terror threats and airspace invasion all over the US. also , following President Trump’s declaration to deploy our National Guard to help protect our Border, Governor Brown refused to allow Oregon National Guard to participate, citing the bias Trump is dictating by protecting our borders.

Recently, a Northwest native retired Marine Corp Officer with 20 years active duty service as a drill instructor, serving in combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and current City of Portland employee, a Man who asked to have his story heard but his identity withheld to protect him, is compelled to share his plight with The City of Portland and their intolerable antics.

This Veteran is a member in good standing of a local American Legion Post, over the last 2 years of his involvement he has been suspended from all Post activities on 3 separate occasions.

The first was a 30 day suspension for interruption of a paid event , the Soldier was escorted out of a “DIRECT ACTION” meeting while reciting the pledge of allegiance, the above group being a far left anti American ,radical, Communism embracing activist group.

A second 30 day suspension was handed down for being detained by Portland Police for SUSPICION of carrying a firearm off property, He was released following the discovery the firearm was in fact simply the image on the t-shirt he was wearing.

The 20 Year Marine Veteran was served a 90 day suspension a third time for attempting to acknowledge the Marine Corps Birthday, apparently (per the Legion Post By-laws) it was deemed via the post vice-commander to be an inappropriate violation.

He served all three suspensions, which included several major Holidays and events,  He as a proud Veteran would have liked to attend, but was banned , these included events open to the general public.

He now is facing a 1 year suspension from the American Legion, the accusation is interaction with an individual attempting to sell weapons at the post. The individual was wearing a jacket that said “KILL RACISTS” The Marine raised his concerns about this person on multiple occasions to several post members but  it was not addressed. After repeated incidents of harassment by the individual , our Marine left the Post, once He was off post property, He engaged the person harassing Him to resolve the issue, thus giving the Post an excuse to punish Him, ignoring his side of the story.

This American Legion Post, ran in its past by a former avowed  Socialist,and before that, a far left Professor, who unsuccessfully ran for Mayor, routinely welcomes ANTIFA patrons, these individuals that promote violence and antigovernment ideologies , are valued while Men who served our Country and love America are treated like criminals by the group created to embrace their service and commemorate their courage.

The American Legion is America’s oldest and successful Veterans Organizations, it bills itself as dedication to preservation of our Constitution, and embracement of our returning Service Members, despite that creed, this particular Post is currently promoting the idea of becoming a “GUN FREE ZONE”

As readers of this blog, you likely live in less prohibitive States, places that embrace our Veterans, value and adhere to our Constitution, and support our President.

You may be thinking…. just move to a different State!

Oregon is a lovely place, it has a large City, ocean beaches, Mt. Hood, a desert oasis for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

But most importantly , this is my home, I will stand and fight just as my Father, and Grandfather did, America must not become like Oregon, Oregon must retain its right to be a part of America, if we as Citizens don’t actively remember the greatness that is America and constantly protect Her from our enemies at home and abroad, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

I will not be the Citizen who tarnishes the gift fought and won by our glorious soldiers past and present, nor should You.