Presidential Aspirations, Tax And Plunder Inclinations

Here in Massachusetts, in 2018 we will be deciding one Senator, Governor, and a couple of Representatives.  Your friend and mine, the “Maxine Waters of Cambridge,” “Liawatha,*” “Pocahontas,” and (my personal favorite) “Chief Spreading Bull,” none other than Senator Elizabeth Warren herself, is up for re-election.  There are no Democrats at this time willing to challenge the “Chief” in the primary. (I know, I know, Maura Healy has aspirations).

*DEFINITION: Liawatha:  When a democrat state senator of Massachusetts lies about being a native american for monetary gains and political advancement. Looks like old Liawatha herself wants to run for the presidency in 2020.

We have two front runners on the Republican side, Geoff Diehl, and VA Shiva Ayyadurai.   Geoff Diehl is backed by local Boston conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner, while VA Shiva is the “real” Indian vs. the “fake” Indian.  He is also a scientist, entrepreneur, and perhaps most infamously, claims to be the “inventor of email.” Geoff Diehl has been in the Massachusetts State House since 2010, representing Whitman, Abington, and East Bridgewater.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai is the super smart non-politician.  He is the smart person’s idea of a smart person, AND he has common sense.  The blend of smarts and sense is a rare combination in Cambridge.

Geoff Diehl and Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai have unique strengths and unique weaknesses, one could argue each’s weaknesses as strengths.  I’m not saying that, as a conservative Massachusetts voter, registered as un-enrolled, (non-party affiliated), I can tell you that I am going to vote for whomever is the Republican candidate for Senate, going against Elizabeth Warren, in the general election.

I see strengths and I see weaknesses in the top two Republicans, in this very early election season.  Dr. VA Shiva’s genius, nobody doubts.  VA Shiva Ayyadurai is the smart person’s idea of a smart person.  Geoff Diehl has cinched up his hip waders and waded through the mire that is Beacon Hill. Geoff Diehl slogged through repealing that stupid gas tax. Congratulations!  I love that you did that!  I’m a little concerned that for six years you have grown a bullshit filter, you know the one:

Cute, yet still…..

We see the BS long before politicians, because politicians tend to work INSIDE the system.  Geoff Diehl has six years of the filter built up.

Dr. VA Shiva is not a politician, he can see through bullshit faster than anyone!  The man is a scientist, and a good one. He’s an IT genius!  (Gee, I wonder if there is fraud, waste, and abuse going on in the Massachusetts Senate Office?)  Dr. VA Shiva has run businesses, and he understands economics from the bottom to the C-Suite.  I’ll do something on the political areas of Massachusetts, in part 2.

The Governor is Charlie Baker.  Mr. Baker seems to be trying to make everyone happy.  Bad move!  Lately, the Governor has been pandering to BOTH sides, costing me even MORE in taxes.  Maura Healy is hot on his heels, and we all know, she has “aspirations”.  She has been tutored by the best (Sen. Warren), so step lightly, Mr. Baker.  We all know this, it’s not some big secret.  The Governor’s race should be a good show, too!