Typical Left – Full Of Hate, And Always Wanting Something For Nothing.

Leftist Racist Using Hate To Beg Money On Streets Of Chicago

Chicago has enough problems without this kind of stuff.

I encountered this….individual….on Clark street in Chicago just this week.  His sign states “Racist Trump supporters call Obama a n*****” and “Gay Trump voters are anti-gay and anti-black.”

Of course I wasn’t going to drive by and let this go, so we pulled over and asked him about his “protest.”  The below video is the conversation that ensued.  During the discussion, we discovered his real purpose for being there: begging for money from strangers.  Investigating with other locals in the neighborhood, I found that this individual has been pulling this hate-mongering mooch routine all over the north side of Chicago.

Typical left – full of hate, and always wanting something for nothing.

And they wonder what is going wrong with Chicago.  Maybe it’s the bums yelling “Black Power” in the streets… just a thought.