Largest Conservative Rally EVER Is Set For September

MOAR Of This Please

They’re calling it the MOAR, an acronym which stands for the ‘Mother of all Rallies.”  Obviously a play-on-words to the MOAB (mother of all bombs) that was dropped by the US military on Islamic militants in Afghanistan in late April. The MOAR rally is being lauded as the greatest rendezvous for conservative patriots that we have seen yet.

Created by internet personality “POA,” the mother of all rallies will kick off on September 16th at 11am eastern time at the national mall in Washington DC.  Just about every political e-cleb, internet and tv personality is expected to be in attendance.

The ‘Woodstock” Of Ralies

Tommy Hodges, otherwise known as POA says that ‘this will be the greatest rally this country has ever seen.” Hodges also says that “we are coming together to send a direct message to congress, the media and the world that we stand united not divided, and we stand together to protect an preserve American culture.”

Other owners of well known Facebook pages like Will Johnson and Jeremy Herrell are also pioneers in the creation of the MOAR event. Herrell, who is known for his song “build the wall,” recently appeared on the Unite America First show  and announced that “this is a rally for anyone who loves America.”  Outlaw Morgan, another internet personality with over 400,000 followers has been actively advertising for the event as well on his ‘Blackout Show.’

Video clip from the “blackout show,’ by Outlaw Morgan

The birth of this event all started on a Facebook video in April as Hodges was talking to his followers during a live stream mentioning that he was going to create a ‘huge’ event for Trump supporters and patriots to rally together in the nation’s capitol.  He mentioned during the stream that he needed a name for his rally.  After several commented their suggestions, an unknown person coined the term “MOAR, mother of all rallies,” and it stuck.

Hodges referred to the Huntington Beach Trump rally that drew over 2,000 attendees when talking about the MOAR event with me.  “If we can get 2,000 supporters in a blue state like California to show up to that even, we can get 500,000 to show up to this one.”  Patriots all across the country have already RSVP’d to the event and it is growing faster than many people involved ever thought it would.

Resist Fascism?

Will  the MOAR event see resistance?  You better believe it.  Even though the pro Trump rally in Huntington Beach produced over 2,000 like-minded conservatives, the anarcho-communist group known as Antifa still showed with approximately 25 members.  They were quickly chased out after two of the members pepper sprayed female attendees of the march.

A pro-Trump rally participant is punched in the face by an anti-Trump protester as the two sides clash at a Pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, California, U.S., March 25, 2017. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

At the MOAR event however there will likely be a lot more than 25 people appearing to resist what they call ‘fascism.’ It will undoubtedly be more along the lines of the inauguration when thousands assembled in attempts to block attendees from entering the inauguration.  The inauguration was of course followed by a small riot that included vandalism jam packed with plenty of smashing of Starbuck’s windows.  They always seem to go after  the Starbuck’s.

Th MOAR event is gaining popularity, with every day there seems to be on hundred new attendees who have RSVP’d to the event.  If you would like to attend please visit the Facebook event page here and mark yourself as ‘going.’  Hotel rooms are also being booked  fast so you may want to book now.