Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot, Dogs Stolen — Offering “No Questions Asked” $500,000 Reward, Setting Dangerous Precedent

TMZ reports that Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot by multiple thieves who targeted the celebritie’s pets in a potential plot to extract ransom. Gaga has subsequently issued a “no questions asked” reward of $500,000 for the return of her beloved bulldogs.

Lady Gaga’s dogs were targeted by thieves Wednesday night … thieves who shot her dog walker and stole 2 of her French Bulldogs … law enforcement sources tell TMZ, and we’re told Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her dogs, “no questions asked.” –TMZ

I wonder how much she was paying her dog walker? Why on earth would you buy multiple dogs if you don’t even have time to walk them? What even is the point? Furthermore, after she gets her dogs back, how much will she have to pay her next dog walker? Will they be armed?

Lady Gaga should just go wandering around L.A. in her famed meat suit, whistling for her dogs until they break free from their captors and run into her arms.

The United States of America is becoming a third world nation, except many of the celebrities who advocate for the United States to become a third world nation haven’t caught on yet, due to them spending too much time on private jets and extravagant retreats to Rome. But as their pets get stolen and their dog walkers shot, they may begin to look around and think, “hey, this place is kind of dangerous, how did it get this way?”

Well, Lady Gaga, the United States of America is no longer a safe place for pet bulldogs and dog walkers because people like you have advocated for a complete and total destruction of social order, while advocating for multi-national mass immigration as well as promoting racially charged subversion campaigns like Black Lives Matter who’s intended goals are to completely transform the United States of America into an unrecognizable favela slum that looks like something you would find in a Sao Paulo, Brazil favela.

Lady Gaga’s “no questions asked” offer of $500,000 to whoever brings back her dogs will set a dangerous precedent. Now, if a celebrity asks you to walk their dogs, you are going to have to look over your shoulders, maybe wear body armor or carry a firearm. As social order continues to breaks down, we are going to start seeing an exponential increase in celebrity pet kidnappings, where the ransom demands will continue to get larger and larger.