The Kaepernick Effect and Why Kneeling is Anti-Cop

Yes, it is Anti-American and Anti-Cop

Next Sunday, anyone who doesn’t want to stand for the anthem, we have buses outside your stadium you can get on, and they will drive you to Honduras, where you can start your own Honduran Football League. The overhead will be low, there will be no white people, and since they have one of the highest murder rates in the world, (86 per 100,000 people) there probably aren’t many police there, and when you finally do get murdered, it won’t be a white person, because get this, evil is not a skin color thing, it exists in us all. With the bajillions of NFL bucks and endorsement deals you can broadcast to the United States and live out the rest of your life in relative comfort until you get murdered because there are no police around.

Bu..Bu.. But Kaepernick

Back in ’96, a basketball player decided to make a statement on America:

To Quote Cracked Magazine (to the Tune of “Good King Wenceslas”)

Mahmoud Aboul Rauf one Night, Sat down on the floor there,

vowed that when the anthem played, he’d stand up no more there

“We can’t have that!  The league declared; you’ll get reprimanding.

“We’ll just have to dock your pay”,  Guess what? now he’s standing

Rauf was out of the League the next year, which is a shame since he was just a few points shy of being in the Hall of Fame for his 90% free throw accuracy.

Now, sitting apparently has a huge difference in the optics from taking a knee. Colin Kaepernick originally sat as well, but after a discussion following an open letter in the Army Times by Green Beret Nate Boyer, he began taking a knee. Open letters can be used to draw attention to problems, and given the celebrity power of a football player, getting published is no problem. There were a few defending Michael Sam when he came out before the draft. But here’s the problem, before taking the knee, there was no open letter, no thoughtful explanation before the action, it was just a shock move for attention, like streaking across a field butt naked.

Here’s a Video of Batman

Did you call attention to.. whatever it was you were protesting? Because you wanted taking a knee to be an act of protest against the extrajudicial deaths of black Americans while the killer gets away with it. By the way here’s Ray Lewis.

Rule Britannia

That’s in England by the way, where the NFL teams on field knelt for the American Anthem and Stood for God Save the Queen, even though England shipped 90% of the slaves to the Americas and didn’t cease participation in the international slave trade until a month after we did.  The USA banned internationl slave importation on March 2, 1807, and the British finally bowed to Evanglical and quaker pressure to pass the “you can’t fire me because I quit” Slave Trade Act of 1807 on March 25.)

That’s off topic. We are looking at the National Anthem and standing for it. The issue with Mr. Kaepernick is more the bad optics, or in this case: sock pigs. Here are on August 10th, before he started his anthem protests.

Noe that this happened two days before the NFL banned the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a Decal to honor the fallen Police in Dallas when they were assassinated.

And that brings us to Villanueva. The Ranger who chose to stand, when the rest of the team stayed in the Tunnel. His problem is not that the rest of the team got the memo, the problem is that a memo had to be given at all.

Unlike Rauf, who had religious issues with allegiance to America, the current anthem protests stem from a profoundly anti-police mesaging from the NFL, one that has not been dealt with. That this law and order protest extends into an affront to the military is a confusion, because the ideation has been anti police from the very start. But the biggest problem with protesting America at a football game is simple: We are literally the only country on earth that cares about this sport.