K-State Student Receives Physical Threats Over Joke — Administration Condemns Joke, Ignores Threats

While the cancel mob continues it’s crusade on America, they’ve turned their sights over to a Kansas State student named Jaden McNeil, over a joke he had made on Twitter. The outraged mob of teachers, students and sports coaches condemned McNeil’s joke while turning a blind eye to some of the physical threats being launched on their campuses.


While these threats continue publicly, without any outcry from Kansas State officials, threatening direct messages flooded McNeils inbox.


All of this comes soon after the dean of the college of architecture’s son tweeted what could be perceived as threats of violence directed towards McNeil. The threats received no attention from the school’s administration.

While free speech on campus is something worth fighting for, so says the Donald Trump administration, threats of physical violence remain unimpeded by Kansas State officials, as they condemn jokes online.