Journalists Worst Fear: How to Bypass Censorship & Post Censored Links on Twitter Using Internet Archive

Twitter & Facebook have begun actively censoring news stories they find to be unfavorably portraying their favorite Democrat politicians. In an election year, this brazen censorship of critical information is undoubtedly an attempt to sway voters away from President Trump, and towards a decaying Joe Biden.

Although you might not be able to post or view links to critical news stories on social media websites, you can however bypass these censoring tools by utilizing the journalists worst fear,

The internet archive is a tool used by individuals who want to save a record of a web page as it stands. While journalists attempt to change their stories, online sleuths turn to the internet archive to hold them accountable.

You can also use the internet archive to bypass sites that require you to sign up or pay to use their services. News sites that demand you be a member to read their stories, are helpless to the internet archive, as once one of their stories is saved to the archive, it becomes readable, bypassing the pay-wall.

Another use of the internet archive is providing a link to a story that might have been censored, where before, for instance, you might not have been able to access the Hunter Biden story recently published by the NYpost.

Once a story is recorded and archived, it can then be posted to social media and viewed without the censorship of the platform.

Similarly, in utilizing internet archive on stories published by news sources you despise, you essentially remove the story from the original host, which in return removes the advertising from their website, draining unwarranted funds from their news operations.

Everyone reading this should familiarize themselves with the internet archive tools right now and begin to use them to hold journalists accountable, remove Adsense from their rubbish publications and bypass censorship on social media websites.

Go to to begin learning how to use the internet archive.