Journalist For The Washington Post Criticizes The Arrest of Ohio Pedophile

WaPo Journalist Slams Police after they Arrest a Pedophile

If you’ve clicked on this article you’re probably wondering if you have read the headline correctly.  Well you did.

Radley Balko, a journalist for the Washington Post came out in defense of a man after he was arrested for sending nude photos to what he thought was a 15 year old boy.

Bradley said that the police ‘ruined the life of this man,’ and that he wouldn’t have committed the crime if it weren’t for police interference.  Balko, as hypocritical as it may sound, has also slammed Roy Moore on several occasions.

Austintown police officers used a phony dating-app profile for someone purporting to be an adult to lure in the student earlier this month. After chatting, the catfish “revealed” he was 15 years old. The college student, A.G. (not his full name), indicated he didn’t have a problem with his age. The conversation eventually turned sexual and A.G. sent the fictional boy some nude photos of himself.