YouTube Deletes Popular Right-Wing Channel After a Journalist Gets Offended By an “Offensive Comment” in Comments Section

WSJ Journalist Accused of Being Behind Getting Popular Channel Taken Down, as Well as Preventing $26K from Getting to Kids With Cancer at St. Jude

Popular conservative YouTuber Ethan Ralph, had his entire channel and livelihood deleted on Thursday after an inquiry to YouTube by Yoree Koh, a left-leaning journalist from the Wall Street Journal.  Koh purportedly contacted YouTube directly after she saw someone leaving an “offensive joke comment” on one of his live streams.  Talk about “tattle-taling!”

According to Ralph, his show called the ‘Killstream,’ which garnered 5,000 to 10,000 live viewers every show, his stream went down a day after Koh reached out to Ralph about a story that was about to drop in the Wall Street Journal about “racist comments” from subscribers on right-wing YouTube channels.  The next day, Ralph’s ‘Killstream’ show was shut down and YouTube issued a strike after alleged pressure from Koh and WJS.  One day after this, his entire channel was deleted by YouTube all because of a comment some random user left.

It get’s worse.  The deleted stream comes days after a charity stream hosted by Ralph that raised over $26,000 for children with cancer an St Jude’s hospital.  Koh and WJS are accused of pressuring YouTube to return all of the super-chat donations to the subscribers who sent them.  And they did.

One by one, users were getting notifications in their emails about the refund they have received from the donations they gave a few nights before on the charity stream for St Jude’s hospital.   It is unlikely, based on previous donation records, that St Jude’s would turn down a high five digit donation willingly without pressure from an outside source.  St Jude’s has received donations from questionable sources in the past, and we all know they need all the money they can get.

Ralph’s comments to the Daily Caller:

“I think that we’ve been a thorn in the side of YouTube for quite some time,” Ralph told The Daily Caller. “Our show wasn’t really supposed to get as popular as it did, but we ended up regularly topping the live trending chart on the site even with all the obstacles they threw in our way.”

Ralph added that his show is “staunchly committed to freedom of speech and expression,” an idea he said YouTube and other social media sites “no longer care about.” Because of this, he said, “days are numbered” for people like him on these types of platforms.

“YouTube does owe our show a lot of money from the month of October,” Ralph added. While he admits  that taking legal action against the company would be difficult, he said “all options will have to remain on the table, even in the face of long odds” if YouTube decides to keep the funds.

Regardless, the memes about Yoree Koh and WJS continue, even if the Killstream has to find a new home.