Joe Biden “Victory” Speech Reaches North Korean Level of Propaganda — Joe No-Show — Audience Consists of Dozens of Empty Brand New 2020 Jeeps & SUVs — Zero Human Beings Attend Event

In a bizarre twist of Event’s, Joe Biden took to the stage to give a strange ‘victory’ speech at 11:00 PM, in front of a dozen brand new 2021 vehicle.

The problem is, he wasn’t on the stage or in front of the podium on the stage. He was streaming his speech from a room with a different podium in front of a pop-up backdrop.

His Audience? A parking lot full of new Jeeps. An investigator checked the VIN numbers on one of the vehicles and it ran came back as a brand new vehicle, a 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

The Jeep had only 5 miles on it. Every vehicle had a mileage of 5.

The vehicles had been used in a previous campaign rally as props to appear is if Joe Biden had a crowd attending the event.

The vehicles come equipped with lawn chairs. No one is sitting in them, but it is safe to assume the Biden campaign will bring in some paid actors to fill them.