Joe Biden: George Floyd more important than Dr Martin Luther King

After going on a tirade over President Donald J Trump’s handling of the economy during extreme COVID-19 lockdown measures, Joseph Biden has made the claim that “Dr King’s assassination did not have the world wide impact that George Floyd’s death did”

George Floyd was many things. He was a career criminal, struggled with methamphetamine and opioids, he was a felon and an armed robber, but unlike Dr Martin Luther King, George Floyd was not a rapist.

But let’s get in to the debilitated presidents comments.

The ‘president’ then goes on to claim that this world wide impact is due to the fact that cell phones exist and that it is much easier to know what is happening across the world due to readily available information.

This claim is true, and is exactly why when former president Barack Obama rolled out his Obama Phone plan, the phones he had given out like candy came along with enough data to sit on social media all day. This was to ensure that low-income populations could have access to state-mandated propaganda and then be guided into the streets, and eventually into the ballot boxes.

This is also why censorship is so important, because this operation is only successful if only federally approved information is spread to the masses, which is exactly why the vast majority of people have never heard that George Floyd was a porn star, or that he made a mean banana and mayonnaise sandwich, or that he robbed a pregnant woman at gun point, or that he as a great dancer.