Jill Stein Gets Berated On Twitter After Pro-Castro Tweet

The godmother of the recount, Jill Stein, was the target of many hilarious and well thought out twitter missiles yesterday. Each one harsher than the next.  The firestorm was stemmed from a tweet about Castro that almost everyone disagrees with. Well, except for the far left, crazy people and the people in Cuba that legally have to say they like Castro.

Jill Stein reminds us all of that crazy aunt; usually keeps to herself, has a bunch of cats and makes “God’s eyes” in her craft-room that is so overly packed with hoarder gear that you dare not even enter.

Here is the tweet that Aunt Jill there out there:

Most everyone, including those that voted for her were angered.  One even saying “I can’t believe I voted for you, I want my money back.”

Another tweeted “He (Castro) put gay men in labor camps”

Take a look at some of the best shots fired.