Jenna Jameson Rips Bill Maher For Trump Comments – “I’ve Seen You At The Playboy Mansion.”

Jenna Jameson Lights Up Maher Worse Than The Patriots Lit Up The Steelers

If you already were fond of  Jenna Jameson, you might like her even more after reading this.  After the berating of Trump by Bill Maher for Trump’s p*ssy grabbing comments, said in 2005, Jenna Jameson to it upon herself to call him out for his hypocrisy.  And apparently, Maher is a dirty little old man.

Jameson tweeted out Sunday night that she was watching Bill Maher for fun and witnessed Maher bashing Trump.  She called him out  because she says: “I have seen you at playboy mansion,” I saw his behavior.” She followed up with later tweet saying “You are the deplorable one.”


And then it began, a barrage of random leftists attacking her on her tweet.  The most predictable was said by one snowflake: “She only said that she saw him there, not what he was doing.”  She responded with the most epic response: “Trust in fact, I saw his behavior, he fits right in with the pussy grabbers.”

It’s actually not hard to see that truthfully. By looking at Maher, he does look like the type of man that would participate in some sort of random bukake with various genders, and a midget or two.

When asked by a follower what Jameson has been doing for the past few years for money or as far as what her career is currently, Jameson responded with the sexiest dagger I have ever laid eyes upon: “Splitting liberal wigs.”  Thats funny, because my career is actually splitting lib-wigs as well.  Wanna go out sometime?


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