James Comey Hearing Summary

Comey Hearing Brings Dem Narrative Crashing Down

For those of you listening to the hearing, this is old news. There are three prongs to the witch hunt against President Trump.

  1. That he acted improperly in the ouster of Flynn
  2. That he colluded with Russia
  3. Obstruction of Justice

First of all, the garbage narratives of the first two points no longer matter to the communist propaganda scheme to push Trump out of office.

The push out of Flynn, a man whose credentials were signed in by the Obama administration, has nothing to do with point number one. Comey was clear that a key element of the hearing, a meeting with the President where the Attorney General and every other witness was asked to leave, happened the day AFTER Flynn had already been forced out.

So this meeting with Trump had one simple goal, that is, to secure that, now that Flynn had been chased out of office, liberals couldn’t throw him in Jail after he served the United States for 30 years in the Military. That, frankly, is not at all unfair.

The second point, the Russian Collusion narrative, had two key highlights. First, the clarification that Russia was possibly linked to POTENTIAL electronic interference with the election. Not like when English and European Citizens called random Americans during the 2004 election urging them not to vote for Bush, but rather a potential, meaning no evidence exists, and the investigation is looking for the POTENTIAL). Comey was asked to clarify the nature of a dossier published by the New York Time, which under pressure was defined by Comey at the hearing as “non-factual” and “nonsense.”  Fake.News. From the mouth of Comey.

Also worth pointing out, that the narrative has gone from “Trump colluded with Russia” to “Trump has never been under investigation himself, but rather his campaign is under allegations of being victim of POTENTIAL Russian Meddling.

Unlike Hillary, who was confirmed to be under investigation, and evidence was found, but there was a choice not to prosecute, Trump has never been under investigation, and no evidence has been found. So how can he be impeached?

Simple. Point 3.

By cooking up a hysterical tempest, the Democrats can force investigations, have their own people craft up complicated shenanigans and drag the President of the United States through the broken glass of government regulation, and since he’s neither a lawyer or a career politician, the chances that he will eventually trip over some long forgotten statute or breach of the office of President will occur.

This hearing is geared to hastily moving away from EVIDENCE of any foreign interference(like when E.U. citizens cold called Americans to urge us not to vote for Bush) or evidence of election irregularity(like when 20,000 more ballots than registered voters showed up in Detroit) and will not move into the notion that The President acted improperly in the ouster of Comey, who seems to have been fired for continuing the investigation into the Russia narrative with NO EVIDENCE, and for not clarifying to the publi, like he did to every Senate and Congress member, that the President has never been under investigation. Let’s be clear, this hearing exposed that since the investigation, Comey was open and honest and every elected official has known that here is no evidence, that Trump is not under investigation(though his campaign is) and that Comey chose not to tel the public.

So get ready for a barrage of “release the tapes of the conversation with Comey” and “Trump overstepped his office” for firing a guy who told everyone except the American Public that the President was not under investigation. Like remember how clear he was that Hillary was under investigation? He never said that about Donald.

But if they busted Bill Clinton for lying to Congress, they can probably find something on Trump.