Jake Tapper Has Guest Escorted Out By Security After Getting Destroyed in Debate

“Jake Tapper Destroyed” Says Trump…

FROM: Daily Mail

CNN’s Jake Tapper and White House aide Stephen Miller continued to take jabs at each other once they were off the air.

‘This is the reason they don’t put you on TV. OK? This is the reason,’ Tapper told Miller, according to a transcript given to CBS News.

Miller was Tapper’s guest on State of the Union Sunday for a segment that included the Trump aide going after CNN’s White House reportage, saying it was ‘negative, anti-Trump, hysterical coverage’ and Tapper slapping back, labeling Miller himself ‘hysterical’ and a ‘factotum,’ and cutting the interview short.

‘I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time,’ Tapper said, moving on to preview his next guest.

From there, things stayed heated, with Business Insider reporting that security had to usher Miller out, according to two CNN sources.

Another CNN source told CBS, ‘The segment was over and Mr. Miller was politely asked to leave the set multiple times – after refusing to leave, he was escorted out by security.’

The network has yet to release an official statement.

CNN’s Matt Dornic, a communications professional for the network, pointed this out on Twitter, asking CBS to correct its report.

When DailyMail.com asked the White House to verify the information, a spokesman pointed out this ‘correction.’

Later, on Air Force One, Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters that Miller wasn’t escorted off-set, but left on his own volition.

The transcript given to CBS has Miller huffing that he wasn’t given three minutes to ‘tell the truth about the president of the United States.’

‘You had plenty of time,’ Tapper responded. ‘I let you give like a three minute filibuster at the very very top.’

Miller didn’t buy it.

‘You gave me two minutes,’ he said.

At that point, Tapper seemingly tried to get Miller off the set by saying, ‘OK. Thanks for coming in.’

‘You should be ashamed of yourself. Honestly,’ Miller shot back.

Tapper talked back, pointing to Miller’s attitude being the reason the White House seldom puts the aide on TV.

Miller said he was supposed to be talking about the Camp David Summit and he charged Tapper with only wanting to talk about the ‘salacious.’

Tapper said he had plenty of questions ready to go on topics like immigration, but didn’t get to them because Miller had been repeating himself.

Miller was also angry Tapper referred to him as a ‘factotum’ – often used as a synonym for servant.

‘I had plenty of questions but you kept on repeating yourself and kept on not letting me ask my questions …. after you entire interview attacking CNN … OK, so don’t act so offended,’ Tapper said.

Miller had one more response before the tape cut off.

‘I’m not acting offended, I am offended,’ he said. ‘I’m offended by you and I’m offended by your network.’

CNN hasn’t responded to an inquiry from DailyMail.com about the authenticity of the transcript.

When Tapper returned from commercial break, Miller was gone and the journalist began the second part of his show by saying, ‘Welcome back to State of the Union and planet Earth.’

President Trump applauded the back-and-forth between 32-year-old Miller and Tapper as the aide had accomplished a two-part goal of tarring and feathering former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and CNN as well.

‘Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration,’ Trump wrote. ‘Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!’

The interview, however had began courteously enough, with Tapper wishing Miller a ‘happy new year.’

It went downhill from there.

Tapper asked Miller about allegations laid out in the new book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,’ by Michael Wolff.

Bannon, Tapper reminded Miller, had criticized the Trump Tower meeting between Russians and campaign staff, saying, ‘The chance that Don Jr. didn’t walk these Jumos up to his father’s office on the 26th floor is zero.’

Tapper wanted to know if Miller had any first-hand knowledge of the now-president meeting with the Russians who visited in Manhattan office building in June 2016.

Miller took the cue to lash out at Bannon.

‘Steve Bannon’s eloquence in that description notwithstanding, it’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments, so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive,’ Miller said.

‘And the whole White House staff is deeply disappointed in his comments, which were grotesque,’ he said, using the adjective again.

Bannon, Miller said, wasn’t even there.

‘It reads like an angry, vindictive person spouting off to a highly discredible author,’ Miller continued, pivoting to lash out at Wolff too.