Jack Dorsey: “Tough Day for Us at Twitter” — ‘Shadowban’ Button Revealed During Data Breach

“Tough Day” at Twitter after a hacker revealed what appears to be a Twitter control panel that allows developers to ‘blacklist’ individuals from the ‘search’ & ‘trends’ functions.

These revelations come after Jack Dorsey testified to congress over the censorship practices of the social media website. Ted Cruz specifically calls out the “shadow-ban” (The practice of hiding an individuals communications without the individual knowing they are being censored)

Not only can Twitter developers censor you by secretively hiding your communications, they can also see personal information such as your IP address, which phone service you are using and how many “strikes” your account has accrued.

These revelations shed new light into the censorship practices of the social media giant, vindicating many conservatives in revealing what they have known for some time.