It’s Time to Wear Your MAGA Hat

While our votes head to re-count, under conditions of unscrupulous voter fraud, it is time to dust off your MAGA hats, and wear them out in your every day lives. If we are to get out of this election with the preferred results of a victorious Trump presidency, we must brandish an image of strength to the opposition, and never again back down to their threats and intimidations.

Most Trump supporters own more than one MAGA hat. I, like many of you, don’t wear one in public, because of how the fake news media has portrayed us to the unhinged left, and how we are treated when seen wearing one. But now that we are entering the most crucial moment of our collective struggle against the global establishment, and seemingly against unprecedented odds, it is time to stand in solidarity with out President, as he heads to court to fight for us, the American people.

The MAGA hat has become a symbol of defiance, like the American flag, but for a new generation of patriotism, renewed within each of us as we face-off against the evils of globalism, and a corrupted establishment hellbent on defeating us by any means necessary.

The MAGA hat is our badge of pride, and you must wear it with confidence if we are to break out of our mental shackles of complacency. The silent majority must not be silent any more.


No longer will we stand idle as our neighbors label us as hate-filled, bigoted, or racists. We know, in full confidence, that we are the God-fearing, patriotic opposition to evil in this country, and the world. We must not fear in the face of evil, but stand up and fight it wherever it my be, as that is our duty, as Christians, and as American patriots.

It is time to wear the MAGA hat with confidence, and never return it to it’s place on the shelve. Donald Trump is the rightful president of the untied states, YOU voted him into office. You should not be afraid of showing support to the greatest president our country has ever known, you must not cower in the face of great evil.