It isn’t the Dog, It’s the Owner: Joe Biden’s Dogs Poop Everywhere — Bite White House Staff

They always say: “it isn’t the dog, it’s the owner.” So what does it say about the presumed president Joe Biden if his dogs have bitten multiple staff, and constantly leave poop inside the White House?

All of this comes after a media blitz campaign of hounding president Trump over the fact that he did not own a pet. Joe Biden said “let’s put dogs back in the White House” which many would claim is exactly what happened when Biden assumed presidency.

Apparently, Joe Biden’s dogs roam free through the White House, pooping wherever they want, this time near the Diplomatic Reception Room. It is rumored that there is a tax funded dog poop employee on stand-by who’s job is specifically to clean up after the bad boys.

The “president’s” hounds have also bitten person. That makes two violent incidents involving Joe Biden’s dogs in a month.

We are currently being inundated with some of the most remedial propaganda human beings have ever been subjected to in the history of the world. The media will say: “look at the cute dogs” as they bite employees and poop in the halls of the White House.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised of the mentally declining Joe Biden were the one pooping on the floor and blaming it on his dogs.