Israel Bombs Syria for Valentines Day — Continuing Long Tradition of Killing Innocent People on Christian Holidays

Israel has made tradition of attacking Syria on Christian holidays, and this year for valentines day, just as for Christmas, Israel sent a few bombs into the city of Damascus, a Syrian city in which christians represent about 15% to 20% of the total population. It is unclear if there are any fatalities at this time. 

One twitter user describes the scene as “Sounds of hell” as Israeli bombs can be heard ripping through the skies towards Damascus, Syria.

The United States of America subsidizes Israeli bombs flying into Syria every Christmas with over 3.8 billion in tax payer dollars annually.

Remember, when poor Americans who’ve been put out of work by their globalist politicians turn on their television, they are being told that the middle east’s disdain for the U.S. is due to their unrelenting hatred of our “freedom”. That “freedom”, apparently, means giving all of your money to Israel so they can bomb their neighbors, while calling you evil and ruining your life for talking about it.