Isn’t Socialism Fun? Bernie Sanders’ Wife Under Investigation For Financial Fraud

Muh! Socialism!

Federal investigators are conducting interviews regarding Jane Sanders, who was the president of Burlington College from 2004 to 2011. It is alleged that she falsified loan documents in order to expand the college grounds, according to a Friday report from the Daily Caller.

The report alleges that Sanders overstated the amount of money the school was expecting from donors on a 2010 loan application to the People’s United Bank.

Sanders reportedly told the bank that the college would receive $2.6 million in donations in order to secure a $6.5 million loan. However, only a quarter of the expected donations, $676,000, was raised over the next four years.

Was she embezzling as well?

These actions of socialist democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ wife, much like those of all socialist countries, always seem to work at first, until the ones at the top commence to act upon their inherent corrupt socialistic views.  A Bernie government would have meant plenty of calls for wealth redistribution, plenty of more centralization, an almost doubled tax rate and loads more corruption.  Just like we have seen in Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil’s government… twice.

Why am I not shocked?  Well, because if you study Bernie’s history you know he loves to associate himself with full-blown communists.  For example, Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Soviet Russia after his first marriage.  Who does that?  What, flights to Cuba and China were all booked up? Bernie also admittedly hung a Soviet flag in his mayoral office in the 1970’s and spoke out against America during the Cuban missile crisis.  More shockingly, he was a member of a Kibbutz that was run by Andrew Cohen, who was arrested for spying for the Soviet Union.  The Kibbutz Sanders was a part of very loudly and blatantly touted Leninism.   The group called Lenin the ‘son of saviors.’

Nope, this story does not shock me at all.