ISIS Supporters Praise The Manchester Attack On Twitter

The Unthinkable

While the western world is mourning the horrendous attack by Islamic radicals in Manchester, UK, several Islamic apologist twitter users are praising the attack.  Rita Katz today tweeted out some of the most despicable ISIS propaganda we have seen to date.  In her first tweet she shows one image that calls the attack and others like it, ‘just terror.’

She then replied to that tweet with pro-ISIS images that call the attack justified because of all the recent British airfare bombings over Mosul and Raqqa. Another image shows text saying ‘our battle on your land has not started yet, be upon you only waiting.’

A group of tweets by Michael S. Smith shows live comments on a Telegram Youtube channel while reporting by NBC news was taking place.  All of the comments you see below are pro-ISIS as well as praising the attack that killed 22 mostly teenage children and injured over 60

It is unclear why twitter has knotty cracked down on accounts like these.  It is also not confirmed if the British secret service has investigated any of the users of these accounts.