IRONY: Joe Biden Puts Bust of Notable Immigration Restriction Activist Cesar Chavez

With Joe Biden comfortably installed as president, he has been quick to reverse most of Trump’s legacy. Apart from policy changes, Biden is making substantial changes in terms of the Oval Office’s symbolism.

The Washington Post reported that busts of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Robert F. Kennedy and Cesar Chavez were installed behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Chavez was one of the most successful union organizers in American history and his union, the United Farm Workers Union, became a staunch defender of American farmers.

Something the media gurus won’t tell you about is Chavez was a major proponent of restricting illegal immigration. Yes, this “civil rights activist” defended American farm workers and territorial integrity. Although Chavez was of Hispanic descent, he was able to cobble together a diverse coalition of workers who stood up against Big Ag’s attempts to bring in illegal migrant labor to undercut American laborers’ wages.

Chavez’s heroic efforts were so effective in stopping illegal immigration, that his labor union acted as a de facto alternative to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) enforcement agency. Bet you won’t hear about that from the corporate media.

The ruling class is more interested in pushing racialist, anti-white tropes instead of talking about real history. Retconning the history of Chavez is one of the ways opinion makers deceive the public and see through their woke agenda. At the moment, Biden is pursuing a mega amnesty of 10 million+ illegal aliens. This should outrage any normal person who wants to preserve the traditional character of our nation. The media will be working overtime to downplay this as much as possible.

A population that does not know the real history of its political figures is susceptible to being duped by anything the media puts forward.