Irma Preparations


BY: Austin Rucker

Last week I made a bad joke at a resort in Vail about Houston refugees fleeing, and the desk help mentioned that actually, yes, a lot of well-off people had just gone ahead and taken a retreat to Vail to get out of town. On my way out of town I noticed the jet center had an aircraft with the TAMU logo on the vertical stabilizer, so with respect to Florida, rest easy knowing the CEO of whatever company you personally work for will be fine.

But what of everyone else still in Florida? How are the rest of the people getting ready. Well, rest easy friends, here is what is happening: National Guard Units from as far as Illinois are deploying and staging for rescue operations, International Amateur Radio wavebands have been established for each area expected to suffer weather damage in case other communication systems collapse, and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has announced on Twitter:

Over the next few tweets, Sheriff Grady Judd clarifies that they will be checking for warrants at the entrances to every shelter,and escorting anyone with such outstanding debts to society to a ‘more secure’ shelter for their own benefit.

From a Johnny Cash perspective, it’s just another chance to put those who are forgotten by society due to bad life choices and low paying jobs where they don’t have the resources to pay off warrants in a dangerous spot, but that’s not the Sheriff’s job to worry about. He’s a cat, trying to catch mice.

The National Hurricane Center on Twitter has issued a map showing expected Landfall in America for Sunday at 2pm.

For the record, the National Hurrican Center is part of NOAA(National Atmospheric Administration), which is one of the seven uniformed services, alongside Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, and the Public Health Service. Challenge your friends, literally nobody knows this.


Why is this happening? Well, nature proceeding as usual as it has for millennia, not the Communist Wealth Redistribution Scheme called Climate Change. Look at this Graph. The blue and green dots are actual temperature, the lines that are nowhere near them are predictions by climate scientists.

Now there are some wonderful explanations out there for why these models are wrong (such as ‘because they didn’t predict Mount Pinatubo erupting’), but the fact remains, this is just nature at work.


Pray for those in the storms wake, and seriously get enough food for five or six days because if people freak out like they did in Texas over Gas you get a day of this:

Every station in your city is going to run out and then for the next few days its kinda hard to find a place to full up so it’s a lot easier if you have food in the fridge to just chill out over the weekend until everything goes back to normal.

Let’s hope it loses steam over Puerto Rico for the sake of anyone who is trying to cross from Cuba to Florida if that’s not enough you can join this Group:

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STILL Epic Fail: 73 Climate Models vs. Measurements, Running 5-Year Means