Cryptocurrency ATM’s Appearing in American Cities

Cryptocurrency is Going to Change the Way We Transact

I remember a time when my dad told me that DVD’s would replace VHS tapes.  I didn’t believe him.  I remember saying no way, how could those little things store so much information?  I couldn’t understand it.

This is similar to the famous clip of the news anchors discussing the internet when it first came out, one of the anchors asking “what is the internet anyway?”

It is embedded into our DNA to reject things that we don’t understand.  We didn’t understand the internet, touch screen phones, DVDs, many people said that these things ‘won’t last.’

It seems as if many are following this trend with crypto currency.  Many that reject the notion that this will someday be our currency usually use the argument that Litecoin, Bitcoin or any of the other digital currencies out there ‘aren’t backed by anything,’ or that they are ‘not worth anything.’ Usually to this I reply ‘what like the dollar?’

The people in Newport Beach california seem to think differently.  And as with most trends, they usually always start in California and make their way to the rest of the country.

One of the first crypto ATM’s has appeared there…

Crypto what?

Why Buy?

This has been a question that many have been asking me.  To them I reply with, “because you’re dumb if you don’t.”

Many people make the mistake of seeing the cost that Bitcoin is at right now and think, “well I can’t afford that.” Good news, you can. You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin.  For instance I purchased portions of less than 0.003 and have already made hundreds of dollars.

There are also great alt-coins like Litecoin which has been deemed the ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold. ‘Many investors foresee Litecoin being worth over $1,000 dollars before the end of 2018.  At a price of $300 per coin, its a good decision to pick up a few.

The price of Bitcoin as I type this has already soared over $19,000 dollars and may climb to over $100,000 dollars very, very soon.  The reason?  The stock market has finally recognized it.  The futures trading will help even more investors gain access to the cryptocurrency. CME Group (CME) will start trading Bitcoin futures on Dec. 18


It’s simple.  Sign up for Coinbase by clicking here, download the app and start buying now. Check out Litecoin especially.  Look at the graphs and see for yourself.  Since the CME will start trading futures Monday, it’s best to get in before Monday comes.