Instagram Adds “Mute White People” Button to GIF Options Via Giphy

In case you weren’t tired of Washington Post editors calling for revenge against white people, New York Times writers labeling white people ‘barbaric’ subhumans, spokespeople for major corporations saying ‘all white people’ are born the most violent force of nature on earth, the hundreds of random violent anti-white attacks that have occurred just since May, politicians offering free healthcare to only black people, or companies waiving fees for only black-owned businesses, Instagram and Giphy have something in store for you.

Presenting, the new ‘mute white people’ button.

Pinned to the top of the Instagram twitter page, is a disclaimer about racism. “We stand against racism in all its forms,” Instagram proclaims. Apparently, this does not include anti-white attacks.

the sticker option is the number one GIF option when searching for mute, neither Instagram nor Giphy has commented on this as of yet.