We Infiltrated Bernie Sanders Groups And Discovered Many of His Supporters Voted Trump

Earlier in the summer we infiltrated about 25 different Bernie Sanders FaceBook groups just to get a feel of how his supporters viewed the candidates running. In the beginning of the election year, posts ranged from “Trump is evil, Hillary is evil, vote for Bernie,” to “Hillary is rigging the primaries” to “WikiLeaks this and WikiLeaks that.”

But one theme always remained popular amongst his supporters throughout the hundreds of thousands of group members and the millions of posts, which was “We hate Hillary Clinton.”

From Donna Brazile being exposed as favoring Hillary over Bernie instead of remaining impartial, to Debbie Schultz who had her own shill baggage, we found that 7 out of 10 Sanders supporters would never ever vote for Hillary Clinton, most using hashtag #NeverHillary and thousands of them voted for Donald Trump.


This is why I laughed literally in the faces of friends who supported Hillary when they claimed “all the Bernie voters will vote for Hillary because they are democrats.” I knew the truth, and I knew that what Bernie stood for was closer to Trump’s standpoints than Hillary will ever come close to.  Not only that but most Sanders supporters wanted a complete explosion of the two party system and a revolution in the DNC and RNC.

After Bernie lost in the primaries the hashtags started flowing. #JillNotHill, #NeverHillVoteJill, and my favorite, #BernieOrBust  Here are some of the public posts in the public groups that we can share:


Even avid Bernie supporter and actress Susan Sarandon came out in the spring after Bernie was shafted, suggesting that Trump would be better for America than Hillary ever would:

Additionally, 5 states that Bernie won during the primaries, went to Trump this election.  The DNC has lost their way and maybe that’s a good thing.  True anti-war 60’s type liberals don’t seem to exist anymore, especially if they’re ready to hop onto the back of a candidate like Clinton that could have probably run on a republican ticket 10 years ago.