Imran Awan: First comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, then Comes Conspiracy Theories

Crazy at the End But Start at the Top:

There is only one person even to serve as interim Chair of the DNC, and they are also the only person to be Chair Twice: Donna Brazille. She was put in position most recently when Debbie Wasserman Schultz quit because the DNC leaks show her colluding with the Press to fix the primary for Hillary Clinton(not the signature ‘DWS’).

Seems weird that DWS would use her position to fix the election, right?. Except that it might have been because she was appointed to the DNC Chair for just this job by Tim Kaine. Remember? Right before Donna Brazille served the job for one month, Time Kaine had been the DNC Chair for two years. Why would an interim be used to fudge the timeline of who held that job before Debbie? Who knows, but in unrelated news he was chosen to be Vice President over Martin O’Malley.

The point is, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the head of the DNC and had some really interesting e-mail exchanges and corrupt illegal IT work going on. One of her most peculiar aides was Pakistani-born Imran Awan.  You may not have heard of him, but the FBI has:


Imran has a wife who he married in 2004 and had a happy life roaming the halls of Capital Hill late at night until an FBI Agent busted him for wire fraud, due to taking out loans and a HELOC on a house, stating it as his personal residence.


The paperwork was filed without listing that it was a rental property. The house actually was rented out and checks were paid to Imran’s wife’s mother, who is not listed as an owner on the house or on any related loan documents.

After the investigation started, Imran’s wife left the country with their children and enough cash to live well for a while in Pakistan($12,000) which is not at all suspicious. Then he tried to wire $300,000 to Pakistan and depending on who you believe, smashed a hard drive and fled the country, or just fled the country.  He’s worked for over 25 DNC officials and stayed on DWS’ payroll long after the fraud investigation opened. His arrest got buried and here’s his hearing on October 6th, early in the morning, note how little media presence there is:

Here’s a former US Amy SSgt discussing personal work with Mr. Awan:

Again, how on earth does an IT Staffer with access to classified information fleeing the country with $300,000 make so few headlines?

3 people showed up to cover him entering court.

Before he fled the country, Imran either lost or deliberately planted a Laptop from the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in an abandoned office where it was sure to be found by Capitol police.  Exactly why anyone would deliberately hand over information relating to a higher up who kept him on staff despite being under investigation for Fraud has the rumors flying. Blackmail?

Consider how much damage has been done to the Trump administration by leaks, and how the DNC leak, yes a leak, compromised the Democratic Party last year. Very rarely does anyone sneakily hand over evidence positive of their compatriots.

“Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” -Jesus (Matthew 10:26)

That’s Not How She Sees Things:

The former Chair and representative of key Florida district Broward county has repeatedly pushed to retain access to the hard drives in police possession. 

“I think there are extenuating circumstances in this case, and working through my counsel and the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of the investigation, then we’ll return the equipment. But until that happens we can’t return the equipment.”  -Police Chief Matthew Verderosa

Schultz used to have a Press Release about him on her website, but the link is dead and the thrill is gone.

Though we do have footage of her arguing with the police about return of her equipment. Her argument hinges on the fact that it was lost equipment, and that she herself was not under investigation… I’m sorry, but you were the only one of 25 members of congress to keep on staff an IT worker under investigation for Fraud, even creating a new job so you could continue to allow him access to equipment, and he was utilizing the equipment. Like money in a civil forfeiture case, the equipment was just most likely used in a crime, the guy who had it is in jail for trying to flee the country.

As of today, we have a hearing with several Congressmen and Judicial Watch where the issues at hand are:

40 Minute Mark: Every time an Awan family member gets to the pay ceiling for a congressional employee, a new family member gets hired with zero experience and receives ‘on the job training’.

51 minute mark:  Why is a man under investigation for bank fraud being allowed access to DWS’ server information with voter and constituent information(social security numbers, etc) and why does Debbie Wasserman say it’s her laptop in April and then deny any connection to it in June?

1 Hour Mark: Why does a person with an outstanding unpaid loan to a man with Hezbollah (terrorist group) ties and numerous others financial problems get access to classified servers

Don’t do drugs, kids.