How Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Communities

What Jobs Do Illegal Immigrants Mostly Hold?

Before we get into the actual statistics and examples that prove without a shadow of a doubt that illegal immigration will break any nation, let’s first touch on the counterarguments.  A lot of times you hear, when talking about a ‘touchy’ subject like illegal immigration, people mention all of the ‘farming’ jobs that the illegal population in America perform.  This is a myth that is quickly debunked by a quick look at the statistics by Pew Research that show that only 3% of the illegal immigrants in America currently work in the agricultural field.  Meaning that farming shouldn’t even be mentioned at all when talking about jobs that illegal immigrants hold because it’s almost nil.

According to extensive studies, this 3% was well below the percentage working in the following;

  • Service occupations (33 percent),
  • Construction and extractive jobs (17 percent),
  • Production, installation and repair (16 percent)
  • Transportation and moving (8 percent).

subsequent Pew study pegged the number working in farming and related sectors slightly higher, at 4 percent, again almost negligible .

I run into a lot of Bernie supporters from time to time that like to cite farming and agriculture as to why they are for open borders.  They seem very surprised to hear the actual numbers, but even more surprised to learn that socialists, like Bernie Sanders, are usually very adamant about having strong borders to avoid bringing in low wage and low skill laborers which hurts the American workforce. I refer to Bernie’s Vox interview where he was asked if he was for open borders and he replied “that would make everyone in America poorer.”

So How Does Illegal Immigration Hurt The Black Communities?

Case in point – a North Carolina Poultry Plant: In October 2008, amidst claims that one of its subsidiaries was knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, North Carolina poultry producer House of Raeford Farms, initiated a systematic conversion of its workforce. Following an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid that nabbed 300 undocumented workers at a Columbia Farms processing plant in Columbia, S.C., a spooked House of Raeford quietly began replacing immigrants with native-born labor at all of its plants. Less than a year later, House of Raeford’s flagship production line in Raeford, N.C., had been transformed, going from more than 80 percent Latino to 70 percent African-American, according to a report by the Charlotte Observer.

There are hundreds of cases just like this one across America that show that the myth claiming that illegal immigrants are doing the jobs that American workers don’t want to do are false.  The top jobs among illegal immigrants which consist of maintenance, construction, food service, production and material moving, all employed hundreds of thousands of black Americans according to worker statistics.

Countless stories of large corporations, like Tyson Foods, tell of employees essentially flying in or smuggling illegal immigrants into the country to work in their plants.  The large ‘untouchable’ corporations are aware that an undocumented worker will not complain about the working environments, hence why they lobby our politicians for lax borders and immigration laws.  The NY Times revealed some of the negligence that Tyson Foods took part in.  The story tells of six Tyson employees being indicted on charges that they conspired to smuggle illegal immigrants across the Mexican border to work in its processing plants.  There were also stories about various processing and manufacturing plants fitting their employees with catheters, and forcing them to work through their entire shift. Got Globalism?

I wonder why the globalist elite and corporations are all against Donald Trump and his plan to halt illegal immigration and cut off these corporation’s slave labor? Hmm.

Where Is The Outrage?

Take a trip into an Asian populated neighborhood in America, who owns the businesses? Asian Americans.  Go into a Latino neighborhood, who owns the businesses? Latino Americans. Take a walk through a town that has a large Middle Easterner population, who owns the businesses?  Middle Eastern-Americans. And then through a black neighborhood? Nine times out of ten, it’s not a black owned business you see.  This is due directly to the policies that Lyndon B. Johnson forced onto the Black population of America.  “I will give them enough to survive but not enough to make a difference,” and “I will have these N-Words voting democrat for the next 200 years,” are some quotes that come to mind when recalling Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency. Before LBJ’s era, the out-of-wedlock rate amongst black American children was at around 20% or so, now in 2017 the out-of-wedlock rate is at 72%.  You would think that, at these numbers, there should be outrage up and down the streets and people would be knocking down politician’s doors demanding answers as to why our elected officials would so blatantly be tearing apart the black American family.  But there’s not. Black males aged 17 to 35, are unemployed at over 50% and all we hear from the democrats is why we need open borders and why we shouldn’t deport illegal immigrants.

Yes, with the 2016 election the black vote turned out double for Donald Trump compared to recent republican candidates, however the overwhelming majority still voted democrat, even though these ‘in your face’ statistics could be comprehended by a ten year old.  This goes to show how deep LBJ’s ‘democratic plantation’ and policies infect the black communities in America.  It’s a sad day in America when people can jump to the front of the line, and not only receive benefits from the government, but take jobs away from American citizens, drive down the wages of black Americans, and yet our politicians tell us that we should accept this.  This example linked here shows that many illegal immigrants even already have jobs here before crossing the border.

Did the Republicans And Democrats Switch Parties?

Here’s another myth that also doesn’t hold any water when put up against facts:

  • Out of 1,500 Dixiecrats, only 3 switched parties including Strom Thurmond.
  • 80% of Republicans supported the 1964 civil rights act and were the party that got the bill passed.
  • Less than 70% of democrats voted  for the 1964 civil rights bill.

Unless this “switch” happened in the 70’s, this claim remains a myth debunked.  I can’t believe I’m going to link to a CNN article, however this is one article that accurately portrays the history of the Republican party, who have been on the front lines against slavery, and the fight for civil rights.