Illegal Alien Who Sued Chicago for Including Him in a Gang Database Murders His Neighbor

The champions of multiculturalism tell us that there’s nothing to worry about when the US imports millions of migrants from the Third World.

These migrants respect the law and do the work Americans refuse to do work, so they say.

Well, Luis Pedrote Salinas, definitely did the work Americans refuse to do by recently murdering his next-door neighbor

Pedrote is an illegal alien who joined other illegal aliens in suing the Chicago Police Department in 2017 claiming that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement falsely accused Pedrote of being a gang member. Pedrote believed that he was placed on the database solely because of his ethnicity and race. The lawsuit ended up being dismissed in November 2020.

Pedrote has quite the criminal rap sheet. According to Breitbart News, Pedrote was arrested for battery in 2010. Additionally, he was arrested in 2011 for having a can of Bud Light in his car when police pulled him over and was also arrested in 2015 for an aggravated assault.

Around February 2012,  Pedrote was let go from ICE custody on a $3,000 bail and was given orders to voluntarily deport himself by July 2012.

Despite his order to deport, Pedrote has been persistent in trying to find ways to stay in the country. During 2014 to 2015, Pedrote filed an application for then-President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) but was rejected on both occasions.

Even in 2012, Pedrote tried to game the immigration system by claiming he was an armed robbery victim while working at a Subway restaurant.

Pedrote murdered Comcast contractor Francisco Zamora at Zamora’s home as he came back from work. As Zamora was about to enter his house. Pedrote approached him and shot him point blank in the forehead.

That’s diversity for you. Multiculturalism is how once great cities descend into chaos in a matter of decades.

Chicago is a multiculti trash heap now. Due to leftist control, Cook county ended up taking down its gang database in 2019 because activists declared that it was “racist” in its depiction of who made up the gangs. The fact is that there are 33,000 gangs in America, mostly made up Hispanics and Blacks, per data from the National Gang Center and FBI.

Yet, we’re told that America is a racist country, thus white Americans must feel ashamed of their history and open up the country to floods of maladaptive migrants. All in the name of diversity.

Pedrote’s case is only one of many instances of diversity rearing its ugly head. If Americans don’t get serious about defeating the globohomo agenda, their cities and towns will be overrun with all sorts of degeneracy and social chaos that belongs in the Third World not a fine nation that intrepid whites built like the US.