ICE Agent Claims that Mexican Violence is Spilling Over to United States

Immigration and customs agents do not get enough respect these days. They’re routinely demonized by leftist demagogues in the Democrat Party. The attacks on ICE have been so relentless that now the concept of abolishing ICE is becoming a mainstream talking point in the Democrat Party.

What the radical Left ignores is the immense sacrifices ICE agents make to keep America safe, Just ask Special Agents Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila. 10 years ago, these agents were attacked by drug cartels when they were dispatched to Mexico. Zapata was killed in this incident, while Avla sustained severe wounds but still ended up surviving.

“We were ambushed by the Los Zetas cartel. We were shot up over 100 rounds and tragically, Special Agent Jaime Zapata lost his life,” Avila recounted to The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat on February 15, 2021. “I miraculously survived after being shot three times.”

Avila claims that there is currently a “real crisis” at the southern border. At the moment, larger waves of migrants have been going towards the U.S. since Joe Biden was installed as president. This not a coincidence given the administration’s decision to scrap “catch and release” policies implemented by the previous administration, in addition to Biden’s latest pro-amnesty announcements.

“The violence that is occurring in Mexico has spilled over to our communities around our country. The administration, what they’re doing is basically not solving those issues, undoing what the Trump administration did,” declared Avila. “We have 26,000 plus individuals going to be allowed in the next week to seek asylum in the country and possibly never to be seen again.”

Avila argues that what’s happening at the U.S. border is a matter of national security. “We’re unable to vet these individuals that are coming into our country. We understand that a lot of these individuals are economic migrants, but within those individuals, we have a lot of criminal illegal aliens, convicted sex offenders, and possibly others that are linked to terrorism.”

Prior to the violent ambush that Avila and Zapata experienced in 2011, no American official has ever been killed in Mexico since 1985.“A lot of questions came about that incident because of the firearms that were used in that attack against us, plus the assignment we knew that that road was unsafe to drive on,” Avila commented.

According to a government investigation, the firearm used in the cartel attack on the ICE agents originated from the ATF’s infamous Operation Fast and Furious program, where the U.S. government essentially armed drug cartels.

“Operation Fast and Furious was an operation … that allowed thousands of weapons to what we call walk or let go into Mexico, into the hands of these cartels,” declared Avila. “It was the biggest botched U.S. operation ever. The purpose was to identify the bigger arms traffickers in Mexico. However, there was no tracking of these guns once they left in and got in the hands of these drug cartels.”

With Senile Joe in office, there’s no way immigration restriction will be given the time of day. At this point in the game, the man is pretty much a puppet who is controlled by Wall Street and Open Borders Inc as evidenced by his recent amnesty plan.

If Republicans had any brain cells, they’d make a huge stink about immigration and campaign hard on the issue during the 2022 elections.