Hundreds Plan to Protest a Vigil Being Held For Kate Steinle in San Francisco

Protest A Vigil? Only The Left

Hundreds of leftists and members of Antifa plan to protest a vigil being held at Union Square in San Francisco, California this weekend. You would think that this idea sounds preposterous but nothing coming from the left has surprised me in a few years.

Lindsay Grathwol is hosting an event called “Justice for Kate Steinle, March for a vigil” that has gained a lot of attention by the left and Northern California Antifa factions.  So much attention, that they decided to create a ‘counter protest.’

However, the organizers of the counter protest are playing a bit of ‘slight-of-hand’ as they have tricked and coerced the public into believing that this is something that it is not.  The counter event page is dishonest at best with the title “march for sanctuary cities.”

They even blatantly lie in their event description.  The description reads as follows:

“The far-right is having a “March Against Sanctuary Cities” in San Francisco on the afternoon of December 16th. We are organizing a counter-protest with a march.

We will organize to resist, stand up, and fight the system of racism that is currently happening since Trump became the president. Racism has been around this world for hundreds of years and since Trump came into office, the white supremacy, KKK, and the far-rights think that they can come out and just show all this hatred and racism in the Bay Area, but we are not going to let that happen anymore as we are prepared to fight back this system by any means necessary until they fix this broken system.

We’ve invited all groups that are down for the cause to join us on the 16th of December in San Francisco Union Square at noon to fight against hatred and racism.

If you would like to endorse the action, help organize, or volunteer your time, please consider filling out this short Google form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.”

Sounds ridiculous right?  It does considering there was a sum total of ZERO right-wing protesters showing up to vigils after the death of Heather Hyer in Charlottesville.

Just goes to show you the true colors and insane thought process of some individuals.