Hundreds of Thousands Attend “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. to Protest Fraudulent Election Results Tainted by Corruption

The “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. was more than a morale boost to Trump’s base, it was a signal to the powers-that-be β€” President Donald J Trump and his millions of supporters aren’t going anywhere, unless you attempt to steal an election, in which case, they are definitely going somewhere. On Saturday, that somewhere was Washington D.C.

The day couldn’t have gone any smoother. With perfect sunny weather, on a cool early November afternoon, Washington D.C. was jam-packed with Trump supporters from all over the country, and the world.

One of the most impactful speeches of the day came from political commentator, Nicholas J Fuentes. You can listen to his speech in its entirety below.

To learn more about what is driving conservatives to rightfully claim that the 2020 presidential election was corrupted by numerous examples of fraud, you can read our in-depth piece on the matter below.Β